Pest Control Services For Rats

The problem of rodent or rat infestation affects over a million homes and businesses in the Geelong each year as they have the potential to spread a wide variety of diseases around the home, garden and premises.

Rats in Yorkshire tend to live in germ filled environments ranging from drains to sewers and rubbish bins. Germs can then be spread via the rat’s fur, feet, urine or droppings. The main diseases of concern are Weil’s disease, and food poisoning diseases such as salmonella.

Possible signs of a Yorkshire rat problem:

• Soft and fresh droppings
• Tracks with footprints and tail marks
• Urine will be established along paths or in feeding areas
• Smear or rub marks on beams, pipes, walls, pipes rafters and other fittings
• Teeth marks on doors or ledges, in wall material, in corners, on stored material or on other surfaces.
• Noise in the walls caused by gnawing, climbing, clawing, mainly at night when rodents are active
• Damage property by gnawing at wood, lead and soft metals, electrical wiring, water pipes, and drainage systems.

MJ Backhouse’s Yorkshire rat pest control services will carry out a full survey on your premises to identify the rodent or rat problem and locate the rat infestation. We will then suggest the most suitable solution for rat control. In normal circumstances an effective rat baiting programme will be outlined and implemented in your Yorkshire home, shop or business premises. This will include laying a number of baits or rat traps in the identified areas, checking the traps on a regular basis and removing the subsequent material at the end of the treatment.

In addition MJ Backhouse’s experience suggest that some business premises may need a more detailed report and programme which may include rat bait plans, COSHH assessments, monitoring reports, and hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations.

If you are looking for pest control experts to help with your rat or rodent problem, and you are based in Yorkshire, including in Leeds, Wakefield or York, please call our team and they will be able to advise you on your options.